‘Assassin’s Creed : Origins’ Video Game

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James plays Cassius in Assassin’s Creed Origins – which is still doing great in the charts! This time the franchise goes back to the very beginning with the story of the first ever Assassin. Set during the Roman occupation of Egypt during the Ptolemaic period around 300BC, be prepared for the best Ubisoft AC Game so far.

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Hurricane Heist Hits Cinemas in USA!

Open now in the USA! And the release date for the UK has been announced –

April 6th 2018! With a joint release on SKY Cinema.

Here we go!

Hurricane Heist



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Release Date for The Hurricane Heist!

Release Date for ‘The Hurricane Heist’  North America Territories has been announced – It’s February 9th 2018.  See you in LA!!


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Romance is in the air (waves)

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James on Ice in ‘Death Of Stalin’

See James Barriscale in Death Of Stalin when he shows up to arrest Stalin’s drunk son – Vasily – on an ice rink! Things don’t go smoothly as they try to remove him from the ice in Armando Iannucci’s hilarious new comedy.

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Checkmyfile TV Campaign

James’  checkmyfile TV and internet Campaign

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James on 3DS with Lady Layton

Lady Layton runs a detective agency – and her first case is to find what happened to Sherl The talking dog! He used to be human but can’t remember anything! James Recorded the English Version at Side Studios in London. It’s the first Dog he’s played and he loved it. The game has dozens of puzzles to solve over 12 story chapters, and beautifully animated cutscenes, this is a fine addition to the Professor Layton series. Available on 3DS iOS and Android.


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