The Hurricane Heist

CAT 5 Teaser Poster.jpgJames has been  filming the latest Rob Cohen directed Blockbuster The Hurricane Heist (previously Category 5)

The movie follows a team of tech hackers who infiltrate a U.S. Mint facility in the small coastal town of Gulfport, Mississippi to steal $600 million in cash, just as a disastrous Category 5 hurricane is about to strike. The town is evacuated apart from a meteorologist and a female treasury agent and a few local cops. They must survive the horrific storm while stopping the thieves from getting away with the heist of the century.

James plays Dept. Michaels one of the few left to defend Gulfport from the bad guys.

Filming has been primary in Sofia, Bulgaria in late 2016 – The team moved to Manchester in the UK in Jan 2017 to finish principal photography on some of the most advanced special effect back screens in the World. Looking to be release in 1st Quater 2018.

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